Around the World on 88 Keys:
The Importance of World Music in Today’s Piano Teaching

This presentation will examine the importance of using piano music from around the world to foster a greater understanding of foreign cultures among our students, while providing a wealth of interesting music to study and perform.  I will show examples of piano music from Cuba, Haiti, Korea, Australia, Africa, and the Middle-East, as well as compositions which reflect African-American and Native-American cultures.

Bach in the Ballroom:
Dancing with the Stars of the 1700’s

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn simplified dance steps that are based on actual Baroque choreography.  These steps are easily relayed to students to increase their understanding of the characteristics of common Baroque dances.

Teaching Our Students to Fly:
Using Principles of Flight Instruction Motivate and Teach Music Students

By sharing stories, anecdotes, and ideas acquired through hundreds of hours of teaching people to fly airplanes, Joshua Russell will provide a unique perspective to help piano teachers grow in their capacity to motivate students and help them achieve their goals.

Keys to Success

In this workshop for High School or College musicians, Dr. Russell discusses ways to earn a living as a musician.   If you are considering a career in music, but are afraid you will become a “starving artist,” then let Joshua Russell help you uncover the secrets for a successful career in music.